Learn Javascript by doing! From beginner to professional

16 Sep

6:30 pm Pancras Square Library, King's Cross, 5 Pancras Rd, Kings Cross, London N1C 4AG, London



• What we’ll do
Hello Javascript enthusiast!

at the Learn Javascript by doing! workshop you will improve your Javascript with the help of a professional Javascript coach.

• Complete beginners are more than welcome.

• Space is limited to few attendants to make sure everyone receives the proper support.

• Please bring your own laptop.

• Booking requires Paypal. No Paypal? Send me a message or write on the event to book your spot and pay at the door.

Depending on your level we will work on the most effective resources for you:

• If it is your first time writing code, we will go through an interactive tutorial on Freecodecamp.

• If you are learning Javascript to join a bootcamp, we will practice Katas (exercises) together on http://codewars.com or http://exercism.io

• If you want to improve your Javascript to get your first tech job, please bring your own project and we can work on it together. Or if you are not sure what’s the best next step for you I’ll help you find your way.

Javascript is fun, and the goal of this workshop is to achieve tangible results in each and every session. Looking forward to meeting you and have a great Javascript time together!


About me:
I am a professional software engineer and enthusiastic teacher.
Check my Tech blog (http://www.alfredo.motta.name/), LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/alfredomotta), Twitter (https://twitter.com/mottalrd), Github (https://github.com/mottalrd).

• What to bring
Laptop charged

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