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  • Geeking out to Visual Studio with Kendra Havens NET

    Greetings .NET lovers! The awesome Kendra Havens will be joining is to geek out on all things Vidual Studio!! About Kendra Kendra Havens is a program manager at Microsoft on the .NET and Visual Studio team. Her focus is .NET productivity and the testing experience in Visual Studio. In addition to an unruly enthusiasm for…

  • Mads Torgersen – C#10 NET

    iO Associates are very excited to announce our .Net Virtual Meetup on Tuesday 27th April at 7pm. We will be joined by Mads Torgersen, Lead Designer of C# at Microsoft, who will be delivering a session on C#10! The topic of this discussion will include: C# 9 has been out since November of 2020, and…

  • iO .Net Virtual Meetup with Poornima Nayar & Clare Sudbury NET

    iO Associates are delighted to bring you our next .Net Virtual Meetup on May 25th at 7pm! This session will be led by Poornima Nayar, Umbraco MVP and Senior Developer, and Clare Sudbury, Lead Engineer. This talk will cover GraphQL in .Net Core & How to Stop Testing and Break your Code Base. This session…

  • Virtual: HD NET

    Details to come!!

  • Virtual: Sophie Obomighie NET

    Details to come!!

  • Virtual: Rachel Appel NET

    Details to come!!

  • Virtual: Irina Scurtu – REST – the ignored parts NET

    Hello Everyone! I would like to welcome Steve Collins as an Assistant Organiser whilst we are virtual! Thanks Steve! I have been trying to plan to have Irina speak at our meetup for ages, so Yay! I finally did it! About Irina’s talk:==================In a world dominated by APIs, where everyone seems to implement microservices with…

  • Port That .Net Framework Application To .Net5 – Prasad Rao NET

    Registration link: iO Associates are delighted to announce our first .Net virtual meetup of 2021 will be taking place on Wednesday 17th February at 7pm! We will be joined by Prasad Rao, Senior Partner Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services, who will be speaking on ā€˜Port That .Net Framework Application to .Net5ā€™. .NET 5…

  • Bon Voyage, Shahid! NET

    Hello lovelies, My wonderful co-organiser, Shahid is moving to pastures ( a lot) greener. He is off to New Zealand in February.Come hang out for a casual social and join me to wish Shahid all the best in his new adventure Layla

  • The Future of HTML Controls with Stephanie Stimac NET

    Greetings .NET lovers! We are moving to the front end and having a non-.NET talk with Stephanie Stimac to look at HTML controls! The Future of HTML ControlsNative HTML Form Controls can be some of the most painful elements to style and customize. 25 years after the first HTML Standard introduced them and developers have…

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