010PHP: Build that Phing!

12 Jun 2014

7:30 pm Cafe Engels, Stationsplein 45, Rotterdam



Our monthly meetup for june still needs a location, so if you have a tip for us, let us know! The topic is set, though, so be sure to mark down 12 june on your calendar!

Rick Kuipers will talk about Phing in his talk:

“PHPMD, PHPCS, PHPUnit and PHPLint; these are all tools to maintain code quality. Executing these tasks is a chore and there are many ways to automate this process, Phing being one of them. The goal of this talk is to really discover what Phing has to offer, from implementing code logic to creating your own task.”

We’ll start around 8PM, so be sure to join us a little time before that, so we can start in time.

More about Rick can be found in our short Spotlight on 010php.nl.

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