Monthly Meeting – June/2014

19 Jun 2014

7:00 pm VNU Vacature Media, Mt. Lincolnweg 40, Amsterdam



It’s almost summer as we’re blowing out two candles on our 2nd anniversary! 

June’s topic will be: practical security! This month, Ron van der Molen will guide us past open holes and social engineering scams.

Important note about the location: since april 1st, parking on the NSDM terrain is paid (€1,10 per hour).

If you come by car and want to park for free, please use the Tweakers parking area. You can drive up to the entrance and call the security to let you in. Just say you’re a member of AmsterdamPHP.

19:00: Welcome Drinks 
19:30 – 20:30: Practical security
20:30 – 20:45: Raffle 
20:45: Social, drinks and food.

Talk: Practical security
Information Security has been a huge topic for many many years now and is growing larger on a daily basis. How come that a large amount of people all over the world are oblivious of what information security means for them? This talk is aiming to increase your awareness in security and show you some hacking techniques used today aimed at webdevelopment, using several practical examples on how this is done and how it can be prevented. Besides this, i will take you on a tour in the world of social engineering that might open your eyes to this obvious but easily forgotten aspect of security.

Speaker: Ron van der Molen
Starting out as a Military Information Security Specialist and trainer for the dutch armed forces, i have had my share of anything from anti-spionage to procedural trainings, involving radio communications, network communications and protection against influences from disruption of communications. After 5 years, made a switch to be a ethical hacker for a dutch company that doesnt exist anymore. ( at that time). Currently, being one of the two owners of Wizkunde (, i’m still doing quite some security work for external companies that require aid in good security strategies involving web applications.

We got some awesome stuff to give away this month, so make sure you attend another awesome meetup!

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