PHPAmersfoort June 2014 Meetup

10 Jun 2014

7:00 pm Dutch Open Projects, Doornseweg 12, Leusden



For this month’s meetup we will travel to the beautiful forest-office of Dutch Open Projects again! This month, we’re combining the regular talk (on Ansible this month!) with a lightning talk by Dutch Open Projects-developer Maurits Lawende on combining PHP and NodeJS. It promises to be a very interesting meetup!


19:00 – Coffee, tea and welcome  
19:30 – Opening  
19:45 – Maurits Lawende – Combining PHP & NodeJS
20:00 – Imre Toth – Ansible  
21:00 – Social interaction!  
~22:00 – End of meeting

Maurits Lawende – Combining PHP & NodeJS

Aan de hand van een voorbeeld wil ik toelichten wanneer NodeJS nuttig is om naast PHP te gebruiken, en hoe die integratie dan zou moeten werken.

Imre Toth – Ansible
This presentation is a gentle introduction to Ansible. including a small demo. It helps you to understand why it is important to be able to manage your infrastructure, and why this tool in most cases the best choice for infrastructure management. 

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