11 Jun 2014

7:00 pm HQ, Zeeburgerpad 5, 1018 AH, Amsterdam



Welcome to the latest edition of AmsterdamJS! We are having it at the amazing Publitas offices again (thanks guys!!), and the sessions will be the following:

19:10 – BigPipe
– Martijn Swaagman

BigPipe is a radical new web framework that is inspired by the concept behind Facebook’s BigPipe. The general idea is to decompose web pages into small re-usable chunks of functionality called Pagelets and pipeline them through several execution stages inside web servers and browsers. This allows progressive rendering at the front-end and results in exceptional front-end performance. Martijn will walk us through the whys and the hows of Nodejitsu’s latest framework.

19:50 – The new Cloud9 – Fabian Jakobs

The editor war is not over. After more than a year under development, Fabian will unveil the new Cloud9 IDE for the first time at this AmsterdamJS. Be ready for a badass demo!

As always, come for drinks, snacks and some real JavaScript atmosphere.

See you there!

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