Utrecht JS Meetup #2

10 Jun 2014

6:30 pm Enrise, Grote Koppel 7b, 3813 AA, Amersfoort



18:30 – Food & drinks
19:00 – Opening
19:15 – First talk: Simon de Haan on Vumi GO and its node.js backend
20:00 – Short break
20:15 – Second talk: Tom Kruijsen on Leaflet 
21:00 – Social interaction
22:00 – The end

1st talk: Simon de Haan – Vumi GO and its node.js backend

Vumi Go is a super scalable conversation engine for distribution of SMS, star menu and chat messages. Simon will talk about the node.js backend they made for the Vumi JS Sandbox.

2nd talk: Tom Kruijsen – Leaflet

Maps are an important component of many web apps, and Google Maps is a big player in the field. But it isn’t the only one. Leaflet is a JavaScript library that allows you to make really cool maps, and you have power over everything you want to do inside it. I want to take a little introductory tour of Leaflet and show you what it can do. For instance we can use government data to show a map of the Netherlands or use the GeoJSON format to draw things in it.

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