The Data Binding Edition

17 Jan

6:00 pm Roamler, Westerdoksdijk 411, Amsterdam



Data binding in Titanium is a build in feature with Alloy. But did you know there are also other methods of data binding in Titanium?

Recently Rene created a reactive library for Alloy, called Staballoy ( This makes subscribing and updating UI based on variables really easy. In this meetup we’ll walk through Alloy Data Binding and Staballoy, how those technologies can work together, and what the differences are between the two technologies.

Jan Vennemann, core developer at Appcelerator, will pass by this meetup too. He’ll be talking about something awesome that he has been working on for the last couple months. This will be an official preview of something that will be released to public soon.

Furthermore we’ll also look into some basics regarding the usage of collections and models and how to use them in your app.

Do you have other experience with data binding?

We’d love to hear your experience with data binding, manual or a technology/library you created. Basically, the question is, how do you keep your UI up-to-date? Contact the meetup lead if you’d like to share your setup!


Interested in sharing from your (fresh) experience with Titanium? A case study, shameless self promotion, gotcha, walkthrough, code snippet.. we love it all the same! It doesn’t need to be long or slick, we love short & practical!

Contact the lead for this meetup if you have a topic.

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