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  • F# eXchange 2019 NET

    Join F# eXchange 2019, the go-to conference to discover and learn all the latest developments in the F# world. Curious about running F# on .NET Core, compiling it to Javascript, deploying F# actors with Akka.NET on Docker, creating cross-platform Xamarin apps, and much, much more? Then come and join us at the F# eXchange in…

  • C# 8 with Jon Skeet NET

    Hey peeps, As we welcome Spring we will also welcome Jon Skeet to talk to us about what’s new with C# 8 among other things. There will be food and drink! Layla

  • Keeping it DRYer with Templates NET

    Hello everyone!! This month I will be giving a talk… Is that allowed?———————–Keeping it DRYer with Templates:One common practice to write maintainable code is to minimise repetition, often referred to as DRY or Don’t Repeat Yourself.However, have you ever considered how much you repeat yourself when you create a new .NET application?You’ve found your ideal…

  • ML.NET in action NET

    Hello everyone!! This month we Luis Quintanilla joining us via video to talk about ML.NET More info to follow! Open for lightning talks too so email [masked] with your ideas! There will be food and drink and prizes!

  • MK Tech Community Festive Dinner NET

    Twilio and MK.NET would love to invite you for a Festive dinner! RSVP to the invite if you’d like to come! I will be sending round a google form to get your dinner preferences! If anyone would like to join us for a drink at the Old Beams after dinner – you are more than…

  • F is for … F#! NET

    Hello everyone!!F# SAFE stack dojo!Learn how to build an application using f# and the SAFE stack. If you are a guardian and don’t plan to participate just accompany your charge, please just take one space but send me a message 🙂 Limited spaces so I will be asking for a £10 nominal fee to discourage…

  • A simple Bid Recommendation Engine using FParsec and CodeDom with Mariusz Wojcik NET

    Please also sign up with our hosts, Skills Matter: Ever wondered how to parse formulas entered by the user, such as the ones you can find in Excel? Parser combinators to the rescue! In this session I will share my journey through building a simple bid recommendation engine which uses FParsec – an F#…

  • .NET Core 3 with Scott Hanselman and Damian Edwards NET

    Hello Friends, I didn’t think one meetup in January was enough, so decided we should have a second one. Scott Hanselman and Damian Edwards will be joining us for the evening to discuss .NET Core 3 among other things. The evening will be held at the MK Community Foundation, Margaret Powell House,[masked] Misdsummer Boulevard, CMK.…

  • Introduction to F#: The Turtle Tutorial with Luke Merrett NET

    PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DATE Please also sign up with our hosts, Skills Matter: Workshop for those who would like to learn F# and functional languages in general, aimed at attendees who have a general knowledge of object-oriented languages like C#, Java, Python, JavaScript etc. The workshop consists of 2 segments: 1 – Presentation…

  • Debugging the New Year NET

    Hello Friends, Bringing us into the new year will be our very own Philip Sutton giving us a new year resolution to better debug our code! — Main Talk Though we might all write bug free code, we have all had to debug at times. philip will show some of the features available in Visual…

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