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  • Start building our demo app together! NET

    • What we’ll doAfter voting for our Remember Me/Daily app last meetup, in the next one we will do a short design session and start building screens, lists, objects and other C# goodies to create our iPhone/Android app! • What to bring • Important to know

  • Ardent April NET

    Welcome!We kicked off 2018 with “Fugacious February” and with ever growing enthusiasm we have “Ardent April” planned already. Main Talk: Shahid IqbalEveryone seems to be talking about Kubernetes with companies seemingly tripping over themselves to support or adopt it.In this talk we’ll introduce Kubernetes, discuss the key concepts of the platform, it’s high level architecture…

  • F# eXchange 2018 NET

    Interested in finding out how to productively use the power of F# to solve real-world software engineering problems? Curious about running F# on .NET Core, compiling it to Javascript, deploying F# actors with Akka.NET on Docker, creating cross-platform Xamarin apps, and much, much more? Then come and join us at the F# eXchange in London:…

  • How learning low-code helps become more productive and broaden your .NET skills NET

    • What we’ll doA bit of late notice, but the team from OutSystems is currently in Berlin and asked me to host a sponsored Meetup. This will be a nice catch up again, exchange news and also the meet the from OutSystems! Hugo Menino Aguiar (@hugomaguiar) will share his experience with low-code with us and…

  • Xamarin 101 – Preparing your apps for production NET

    Following the success of the first 3 episodes of the series “Xamarin 101”, we want to continue the series and the next episode topic will be “Preparing your apps for production”! Calendar: 6:50 PM – “Visual Studio App Center”Richard Erwin (Mobile DevOps Technology Solution Professional @ Microsoft) 7:30 PM – Pizza break – Suggestions for…

  • Building your own Elmish web apps with F# and Fable – Tomas Petricek NET

    This is a hands-on session, so bring your own laptop with F# and Fable installed! To get everything ready, follow the Fable getting started instructions at: … Writing user interfaces in a functional way should be impossible – functional languages don’t allow side effects, so how can you do anything to your user interface?…

  • Dutch Mobile & Azure Meetup Crossover NET

    We’ll be doing an awesome crossover with our friends over at the Dutch Azure Meetup ( )! Expect Xamarin, Azure, hands-on practice and loads of fun! Don’t forget to bring your laptop. 18:00 Doors open & Dinner18:45 Session: TBA19:30 Hands-on Xamarin & Azure21:00 Closing & drinks

  • We decide what app we are going to build! NET

    This meetup we will decide what app we are going to create! Please come up with ideas and we will vote on what we will be creating the next weeks! Instructions to setup Xamarin:

  • 2018 Q1 Meetup – .NET Standard & EF Core and Feature Toggles NET

    It’s 2018! Let’s kick off another year with the Dutch Mobile .NET Developers on March 1st. InfoSupport in Veenendaal is our generous host this evening. We have sessions on Entity Framework Core & Feature Toggles. 18:00 Doors open & Dinner 19:00 *Entity Framework Core now available for your Xamarin projects*John Bijsterbosch With the ‘newly’ added…

  • 2018 Q2 Meetup NET

    Save the date, more details (speakers & location) will be announced soon! 18:00 Doors open & Dinner19:00 Session 1: TBA20:00 Session 2: TBA21:00 Closing & drinks

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