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  • Appsterdam Peer Lab Mobile

    Come join Appsterdammers for a cup of coffee and a chance to ask questions or talk about the problems you’re facing in your projects. Bring a laptop, meet other devs, and find someone who can sit down with your code and help you out with the problem you’re facing. If you’d like to just come…

  • Highly maintainable app architecture · Mobile

    iosdev swift Expanded transcript from my talk at NSSpain 2017 Maintainable can mean different things, depends on many factors: project size, goal,…

  • Falsehoods programmers believe about programming Mobile

    There is no ethical impact of my job; I build technological systems and it’s up to others how they use them. Software is a purely technical discipline….

  • John Carmack on Inlined Code Mobile

    (Here begins a comment written by John Carmack in 2014, about an email he sent to a programmers’ mailing list in 2007.)

  • Falsehoods programmers believe about time Mobile

    Over the past couple of years I have spent a lot of time debugging other engineers’ test code. This was interesting work, occasionally frustrating but…

  • android10/Android-CleanArchitecture-Kotlin Mobile

    Android-CleanArchitecture-Kotlin – WIP

  • First Meetup – Technos of Mobile Apps Developer’s community Mobile

    Hello Technos, It has been a long while.. A busy time too for all of us. As we say goodbye to spring and enter into summer its a good time to plan our first meeting. I have spoken to a few of the members and tentatively the 2nd of June has been chosen. The response…

  • Android Recreational Tinkering Mobile

    Android Recreational Tinkering (ART) is a weekly meetup for Android developers. It’s a healthy mix of experienced developers and beginners. We come together to exchange knowledge, discuss new techniques and OS features, or simply work on our own apps and projects. Please bring your Laptop with you. New tinkerers are always welcome! It doesn’t matter…

  • apple/turicreate Mobile

    turicreate – Turi Create simplifies the development of custom machine learning models.

  • Swift@IBM Workshop Mobile

    Hello All An edifying evening of Server Side Swift — or *serverless*, if you prefer! — hosted and run by the good folk at Swift@IBM. Followed by festive drinks on the Southbank. 💻 Bring your MacBooks🍕 Food and drink provided — thanks IBM! 🍷🚪 Doors open at 6:30 Your facilitators: Ian PartridgeLloyd RosebladeChris BaileyAlexandra WishartEnrique…

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