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  • HackJam Workshop VueJS and Apollo JavaScript

    *****RSVP needed at ***** During this HackJam, we’ll tackle how to create and consume a GraphQL API through the use of Apollo, both in the back- and frontend sides. On the server-side, we’ll see the concepts of writing the schemas for your objects, queries, mutations and subscriptions. We will also see how to write…

  • Berlin.JS JavaScript

    About the meetup: Please check ( for up-to-date info about the talks we have scheduled for the upcoming event! If there’s an open slot, consider making a pull-request to give a talk yourself, or encourage a friend to do the same 🙂 Please get in touch with any of the organizers with any questions…

  • ember g meetup JavaScript

    Hey Emberliners, we’re looking forward to another meetup with amazing talks around Ember on Tuesday, March 5th. This month’s schedule will include the following speakers & topics: – Isaac Ezer “Composable Concurrency Tasks”Abstract: – TBA- TBA We’re still looking for speakers! If you’d like to give a talk about something you have worked on…

  • Vue.js // Berlin JavaScript

    Lets talk about Vue.js, Vuex and the Vuejs ecosystem. **** Presentation **** TBA We will have Coffee, Mate, Beer …and maybe Pizza!

  • JS Monthly #59, Feb Meetup JavaScript

    This event will be kindly hosted by Publicis.Sapient. Agenda 18:30 – Doors open. Pizza and drinks are served 19:00 – Native Web Components have come of age \ George Adamson “Real, native, self contained components with no framework download.They’ve been around for years but browser support was patchy.Today, all the major browsers can play nicely…

  • Learn Javascript by doing! From beginner to professional JavaScript

    • What we’ll doHello Javascript enthusiast! at the Learn Javascript by doing! workshop you will improve your Javascript with the help of a professional Javascript coach. • Complete beginners are more than welcome. • Space is limited to few attendants to make sure everyone receives the proper support. • Please bring your own laptop. •…

  • BerlinJS & ReactJS Girls – Wellness.js JavaScript

    Together with ReactJS Girls, we’re hosting a meetup entirely focused on workplace wellness, self-care and burnout prevention. You can find a full description of the event on the ReactJS Girls Meetup page:

  • FullStackJS Berlin v0.7.0 JavaScript

    HiDiHo!It’s time for another FullStackJS in Berlin!Once again we’ll see another Berlin office space, this time it’s at Akelius in Kreuzberg. We will have 3 scheduled speakers (listed below) and then an open the mic up for lightning talks (as usual ^^). Get your notes and slides ready! (talk details will be updated as they…

  • Future-proof Front-end Components JavaScript

    Working with components has been popularised by frameworks like React and Vue. It improves developer experience as smaller things are easier to work with and reason about. But can we exchange components between frameworks? And what about user experience? What do these frameworks spit out in our browsers? Tonight Hidde and Peter will show you…

  • HackJam Workshop Angular vs. React JavaScript

    ***RSVP on **** This workshop will focus on React and Angular. Which one is your favourite: ReactJS or Angular? In this HackJam you are challenged to choose one of these weapons and…code! Both ReactJS & Angular developers will get the same requirements for a reactive application. Which group will build their application faster? Are…

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