Ruby Hacknight! – Online

20 Jul

6:30 pm



This is an online event taken place at the #ruby-hacknight channel of the Slack group of London Ruby.

If you are not part of the group please sign up from:

Join us for our regular Ruby Hacknight on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. We’ll start around 18:30 with pizza and drinks, and then we can kick off the hacking!

About the Hacknight

The Ruby Hacknight is about bringing together the community of Ruby learners with the community of Ruby professionals.

Ruby is a great language to learn and it is used by many companies in London.

However, Ruby learners need more access to experienced developers who can help them polish their skills and network their way into the Ruby profession.


Ruby learners direct their learning by bringing in their project or specific challenges. The Ruby learners will speak at the start of the meetup and will explain the project or challenges they need help with.

Experienced developers in the audience will pair with them to help them with their task.

At the end of the meetup, the Ruby learners explain what they have learned to their peers.

The event normally follows this agenda:

18:25 Meeting on Slack in the Workspace London Ruby at the channel #ruby-hacknight

18:30 Google Hangouts Pairing Meeting: Ruby learners talk about
their projects or challenge (Zoom ID to be published via Slack)

18:45 Start pair programming using Google Hangouts

20:00 Google Hangouts Conclusion Meeting: Ruby learners present to their peers what they learned (Zoom ID to be published via Slack)

20:10 Close

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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