☔️❄️ Let’s meet and talk iOS

13 Feb 2018

6:30 pm



Hi all, 

We’re meeting in a very central pub that happens to have a ‘Function room’, which I thought was perfect for developers…and “swift” is written outside the pub! If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is!! (can you spot it on the picture?)


Let’s meet and talk iOS, here is the programme : 

6.30 to 7pm 

Introductions, time for us all to meet and exchange numbers, projects we are working on etc.. bring your MacBooks, iPhones and iPads with your apps and Xcode projects, ready to show off, or ask for help if you are stuck on a piece of code.

7 to 7.30pm

Presentation TBC

7.30 to 8pm

Break. Take this opportunity to have a chat, mingle, drink a beer, order some food…”. (£9.95 pizza and drink until 8pm)

8 to 8.30pm

Live Coding session : TBC

From 8.30pm…

Freestyle! Show your code, get help, secure a job, find a developer, have a beer…it’s up to you and people usually stay until 10pm.

Feel free to come along and share the projects you are working on, ask for help, discover new stuff you could implement in your apps and have fun in a friendly environment. 

This meetup is for you if you: 

– are looking for other iOS devs like you

– want to learn how to get started building apps for iPhone and iPad

– are looking to hire an iOS developer / find a job

 I believe that we can improve quicker together and help each other achieve our coding goals, whatever they are!

This is your chance to come and let me know what this Meetup can do for you, what you want next events to look like, what presentations you’d like to see : more coding, intermediate to advanced topics, App Store optimisation, Design, best online resources, APIs, Firebase, mobile ads, getting your first iOS dev jobs, code clinic … you name it! I’m all 👂

Also, if you’d like to talk, code live, make an announcement like “I need a cofounder / developer / internship / job / advice” or if you want to become a member of the admin team and help me organise future events, please get in touch!

Romain derrien

email : [masked]


twitter: @londonrom

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