Berlindroid – Android Developer Meetup

31 Oct 2018

7:00 pm GetYourGuide Deutschland GmbH, Erich-Weinert-Straße 145, 10409 Berlin



This month we’ll be meeting at GetYourGuide’s office in Prenzlauer Berg. And even though it’s Halloween we’re staying away from the scary topics, like JavaScript. Instead we’ll treat you to some sweet time packed with Android knowledge. Come by and listen to the following talks:

Danny Roa: Long and Tangled Road to Multi-Module
“Learn how we, at, went from a single Android module into a project of 20+ modules (and growing) for faster build times, loosely coupled dependencies and easier to understand code.”

Júlio Zynger: System.loadLibrary(“Unix, Native Code and why bother”)
“You’ve decided to use a native library bundled in with your application, but everything behind the runtime loading method call remains a mystery.
In this talk we’ll go through what libraries really are, dynamic loading, and the linker. The ‘first act’ is platform independent, focusing on Unix’s workings, from syscalls to environment variables – serving both Linux, Mac, iOS and Android fans.
Then, we’ll focus a bit on Android – the history of the platform and its relation to native code loading, plus even diving into Android’s source code!”

There will be food and drinks. And, as always, there will be enough time to chat with your fellow Android developers. See you there 👀

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