Berlindroid – Android Developer Meetup

25 Apr

7:00 pm Careem Networks GmbH, Kemperplatz 1, Berlin



The best Android developer meetup in town 😉

A first talk will be presented by Doug Sillars:
“It’s Time to Stop Stalling: Mobile App and Video Performance”

In this talk, we’ll look at tools to identify mobile performance issues, some common pitfalls, and how they are resolved. We’ll give a special focus to mobile video streaming- a fast-growing yet challenging facet in mobile apps.

The second talk will be presented by Mohsen Mirhoseini:

“Using Protobuf in Android apps plus extra Kotlin flavor”

Protocol Buffers is a method of serializing structured data developed by Google for internal usage which also provided a code generator for multiple languages. In this talk I am going to talk about serializing structured data as shrink as possible using Google Protobuf inside your Android app and a fast comparison between this protocol and JSON.

This month we will make it in a SonyCenter: Careem Networks/WeWork

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