PHPAmersfoort February 2019

12 Feb

7:00 pm Dutch Media Lab, Van Asch van Wijckstraat 4C, Amersfoort



We’re still working on the location but we are happy to announce our good friend Pim Elshoff is coming over to tell us all about refactoring using tests!


19:00 Welcome
19:30 Opening
19:40 Pim Elshoff – Refactoring the Domain, Guided by Tests
21:15 Closing and raffle
21:30 Social & Drinks

Refactoring the Domain, Guided by Tests

Legacy code is code that makes money, as they saying goes. But we have an opportunity to refactor when tickets and feature requests come in. How are we going to make sure we don’t break things?

Using a test first approach we will turn this dumb data container into a rich and meaningful domain model. This gives us the confidence to tackle new challenges, without fear of regression. We will create a safe path forward guided by test driven development and new feature requests only. If you know a bit about tests but don’t know how to get started in your own code base, then this is the talk for you.

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