PHPAmersfoort 5 year anniversary

14 Aug

6:00 pm Seats2Meet Amersfoort, Stationsplein 49, Amersfoort



5 years of knowledge, socializing and bad jokes. We’re very proud to see how PHPAmersfoort has progressed in the past 5 years and we want to celebrate this with you.

This month’s meeting is a special one, we have reached out to some of our frequent sponsors and managed to plan an awesome evening at our very first meetup location: Seats2Meet!

And with our very first meetup location we also have our very first speaker revisit us for the first time since: Harrie Verveer!

We would like to thank PinkWeb(, Mobiliteitsfabriek(, Enrise( and Ingewikkeld( for their support and sponsoring this great milestone for us.

This will also be the very first time that we will have pizza available for those who are hungry! Please do let us know when RSVP’ing so we know how much pizza to get.

18:00 Welcome
18:30 Pizza and drinks
19:15 Opening
19:30 Presentation: Harrie Verveer – Machine Learning, and why it isn’t magic
20:30 Announcement, closing and raffle
20:45 Socializing
22:30 The end

2 copies of “The Phoenix Project” thanks to Ingewikkeld
1 copy of “Domain-Driven Design Distilled” and 1 copy of “The Phoenix Project” by Pagination
2 mystery tubes by Enrise

Machine Learning, and why it isn’t magic
Machine Learning, and AI in general, is hot and happening. Of course you’ve heard of all the big and popular projects by companies like Google and Tesla. But in a more subtle way, machine learning is all around us and you probably use algorithms on a daily basis without even knowing it. As a programmer, AI always felt a bit like magic to me. So I decided to study it, because the idea of being a wizard appealed to me. And with success! After learning the maths and all the internal workings of machine learning, I’m happy to announce that we’ve actually got a machine learning algorithm running in production very successfully!

I’ll take you along on my adventure and show you what I’ve learned, what surprised me, and how I created the neural network that’s running in production now. We won’t be looking at tools like scikit-learn or tensorflow, but I will show you what’s actually happening underneath the hood! Because, as it turns out, machine learning isn’t magic – it’s math!

Harrie Verveer
Harrie Verveer has been working with PHP as a professional since 2004 and is currently employed as lead backend developer at NLvoorelkaar, the largest online marketplace for volunteering work in the Netherlands. Harrie helped organizing the Dutch PHP Conference in 2011 and 2012 and is a regular speaker at conferences and user group events around the world, where he shares his experience and knowledge gained from working with a wide variety of technologies. Harrie is co-organizer of the usergroup ‘Code by the sea’ and in his spare time Harrie enjoys running, playing tennis and playing guitar in his coverband.

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