PHPAmersfoort February 2020

11 Feb

7:00 pm Leviy B.V., Databankweg 12H, Amersfoort



1 month down, 11 to go! In February we welcome Ewout Pieter den Ouden with a talk on Hall of Mirrors. Leviy is once again making their location available to us, so come join us!

19:00 Welcome
19:30 Ewout Pieter den Ouden – Hall of Mirrors
20:30 Closing and raffle
21:10 Social & Drinks

Hall of Mirrors
Having done away with “eval()” and “register_globals” we now live in a brave new world of autoloading third-party dependencies, object reflection and comment @annotations. Do you really know what is executed when you run a bit of code? Do you even want to?

PHPUnit is designed to isolate pieces of code for testing and makes for an excellent sandbox to explore this topic. Using the internals of the testing framework we take a look at how quickly complexity creeps in. Starting with a simple test we explore what happens when complexity is introduced. At every step the testing core has to do more work to hide what is really going on.

I will provide practical suggestions based on my work on the improvements of PHPUnit using incremental work such as exploratory coding, code-for-readability, testing and debugging.

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