Geeks, Games & Drinks

09 Nov 2018

7:00 pm Cafe Batavia 1920, Prins Hendrikkade 85 , Amsterdam



Every two months we get to take our informal drinks and chat night and make it a Board Game extravaganza.

These meetups are great nights to come and meet new people and make new connections. The backroom gives us all the space we need to play games and to just sit down and have a nice cold beer. It’s all about getting to know the people, no talks and presentations, just good bar table conversations and games!

For the boardgame enthusiasts we have a vast selection to pick from, and you are also welcome to bring your own game. Come enjoy a fantastic night full of games like Munchkin, CAH, Fluxx, Masquerade, Pandemic and whatever else we have at hand.

For the non-gamers, we got beer, tables and great conversations ready to be had, it’s going to be a grand time for all. So if you want to come and just hang out to meet people, feel free!

Note: we’ll be in the backroom, walk past the bar, then to your right (not downstairs) take the door left of the men’s bathroom. Drinks are ordered and paid for at the bar (at your own cost).

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