PHP London February 2021

18 Feb

6:30 pm



Due to COVID-19, this meetup will be an online event.

You can join the meeting on the day with the link provided by the meetup event.

Please register for the event before 6pm to be able to access the platform. Alternatively, we’ll post the link to the YouTube stream.


You can join the meeting on the day with the link provided by the meetup event.


6:30-7:00 – Welcome, group announcements & chat
7:05 – Talk:

Talk: The Serverless LAMP Stack

AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, MySQL, PHP – it’s LAMP but not as you know it. In this session, I’ll show why there has never been a better time to build serverless applications with PHP. Using this new LAMP stack to build serverless applications allows PHP developers to benefit from the agility and scalability enabled by the serverless paradigm, all without needing to manage servers. I’ll demo how to get started running your PHP code using functions as a service. You’ll learn how to connect to databases at scale with spiky workloads, and continue to use your favourite libraries and tools, without impacting performance or availability. Learn how to become a serverless PHP developer, and use the world’s most popular web runtime to build scalable, agile apps without the server management

Speaker: Ben Smith

Ben Smith is a Senior developer advocate at AWS with a passion for serverless, automation and web development. With his AWS blog series on “The serverless LAMP stack”, Ben is especially interested in making serverless technologies more accessible for PHP developers.


Explore Group ( – The Explore Group has been helping companies recruit top talent in the ever-evolving world of technology since 2005. We’ve adapted alongside the changing IT market to become increasingly specialist enabling us to support our customers on their journey through the new digital economy.


Want to speak at PHP London?

We are always looking for speakers for our monthly meetups. If you would like to give a talk this year please fill out the form at the link below.

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