Tailwind and Symfony / Test-Driven Architecture

24 Feb

7:00 pm Online event



Winter’s showing no sign of letting up and it’s still frightfully cold outside (it looks like Punxsutawney Phil was right!). What better way to kick off our 2021 calendar than to shut the windows on the bitter wind, turn the speakers up, and get involved in another Symfony UK meetup..?

Our first speaker of 2021 will be James Maclean, a print-designer-turned-software-engineer who will show us how to tame wild CSS architectures and how to tie everything together with Symfony and Tailwind in a manner that will be maintainable as your application evolves.

We’re also welcoming Ciaran McNulty back to the (virtual) stage, who will help us think about how the testing approach we use influences the architectures of the complex systems we build.

Tailwind and Symfony

You might have already heard of CSS frameworks like Tailwind, but have yet to understand what all the fuss is about. This talk will get into how CSS can go wrong, popular CSS architecture that keeps it under control and where Tailwind fits into the bigger picture.

As I go through this brief history of CSS I will give practical Symfony specific examples on how to make these tools work for your current project, not the next one.

Jim is a software engineer at https://mybuilder.com. He originally trained as a graphic designer but soon found himself implementing his own designs at the company he worked for at the time. He realised he loved programming more than he loved design, and made a career change into software engineering.

Follow Jim at https://twitter.com/jim_jqim

Test-Driven Architecture

Outside of simplistic unit tests, it can be hard to see how to develop large complex systems in a test-driven manner.

We’ll talk about how the types of test we choose to write influences architecture, then look at a specific decoupled architecture featuring unit tests, service acceptance tests, and infrastructure contract tests and see how they fit into a BDD-flavoured test-first approach.

Ciaran is director of Crania Ltd, a software consultancy which teaches Agile, BDD, TDD, DDD, etc. He is the maintainer of phpspec (http://www.phpspec.net/), a tool which helps drive the behaviour of classes when using a BDD approach to development.

Follow Ciaran at https://twitter.com/CiaranMcNulty

As ever, there are prizes to win. This month we have Jetbrains software licenses, and a book to give away, so RSVP now to be in with a chance of bagging some goodies!

Thanks to WeAreSpinks (https://www.wearespinks.com) for providing the tech infrastructure for the meetup.

Thanks to Level5 (https://www.level5.co.uk/) for providing raffle prizes for us to give away.

Thanks Stack Overflow Talent (https://stackoverflow.com/talent/) for organisational support.

Don’t forget to follow us at https://twitter.com/symfonyuk

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