JS Monthly Online #11

25 Feb

6:30 pm Online event



Join us for the second JS Monthly of 2021. We have two great speakers and topics to kick off the year. Here’s the agenda:

18:30 Welcomes and introduction

18.45 Julia Biro – Introduction to Low-Code with NodeRED

Developers no longer have the monopoly on making computers do their bidding. The rise of low-code solutions and visual builder tools is empowering a whole generation of new developers to bring their ideas to life with only a little coding knowledge.

Far from putting us out of a job, these tools could be useful to us as well! In this session, I will introduce you to NodeRED, a JavaScript-based open-source low-code tool. We’ll look at the basics of getting started, the tasks NodeRED is really good at, and how you can extend the NodeRED platform.

Come along and decide if a low-code tool deserves a space in your high-code toolbox!

19:20 Break

19:30 Make the most of modern JavaScript with Fastify // Simon Plenderleith

Over the past five years, the JavaScript language has evolved at a rapid pace. To make the most of these changes you need a Node.js framework which allows you to safely use features like Promises and async/await. You want a framework that is fast and flexible, but with some batteries included, like validation and logging. You want to be able to focus on building the good stuff.

Join me for a whistle-stop tour of the Fastify framework. We’ll look at what makes this framework so developer-friendly, and how it can help you take advantage of the modern JavaScript features you love. I’ll also show you how Fastify allows you to gradually migrate away from your current Node.js framework, without the need to throw everything away and start from scratch.

20.05 Q&A and closing notes

20.15 End

Times are in GMT

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