Agile is Inefficient

02 Feb

5:00 pm Online event




Dear agile community, we are back with agile content and we can’t wait to connect with you again!

Join us for the upcoming online meetup “Agile is Inefficient” with Klaus Bucka-Lassen, whom many of you may already know from the agile community in Zürich. This GOTO night is focused on the important difference between efficiency and effectiveness, and how you make sure to focus on the right one to maximise the benefits of Agile.

Venue/Host: Zoom
Costs: Free of charge
Speaker: Klaus Bucka-Lassen

Admittedly that was a bit of a click-bait title, but it is not too far from the truth. Agility is mainly about effectiveness. Yet, most corporations which are striving to become agile these days, do it for another reason, namely to become more efficient.

But focusing on efficiency is extremely dangerous!

Big companies that were praised for their extreme efficiency have gone bust or at least lost a lot of market share in the resent past. Certain management consultancies continue to sell their customers the same good old formula and advise them to become more efficient by optimizing their cost structures. These organizations, therefore, continue to build the same products, just cheaper. But people don’t want those products anymore. Blockbuster, Nokia, Blackberry, text messaging, the taxi industry, local coffee shops, newspapers, Myspace, and many more are well known examples.

In this talk Klaus will explain the difference between the two terms effectiveness and efficiency and show how focusing on the latter can lead to multiple bad consequences that you will probably recognize from organizations in your field.


5:00pm — A welcome to this GOTO Night with Klaus Bucka-Lassen
5:05pm — Klaus Bucka-Lassen will present his subject of the day
5:30pm — Live Q&A with Klaus Bucka-Lassen
5:55pm — Event wrap up

Since finishing his master’s degree in computer science in Denmark in 1996, Klaus has worked as software developer, software architect, project manager, agile trainer and coach for companies in Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, UK, USA, Canada, and Australia.
In 2001 he discovered the Agile Manifesto and has supported it enthusiastically ever since. Klaus’ real passion is Scrum and as such he has co-trained Scrum Master courses regularly with Jeff Sutherland, the father of Scrum. He is a regular speaker at international conferences.
Klaus has helped major companies from the finance, pharma, telecommunication, IT, manufacturing, food, and oil industry in becoming more agile.
Klaus believes we ask ourselves far to rarely *why* we do certain things – be prepared to answer this exact question, when discussing with him.
When not being busy with job and family, he flies planes, rides motorcycles, goes skiing, plays golf and does adventurous trips around the globe. His formula 3 license unfortunately expired a long time ago.


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