JS Monthly Online #10

27 Jan

6:30 pm Online event



Join us for the first JS Monthly of 2021. We have two great speakers and topics to kick off the year. Here’s the agenda:

18:30 Welcomes and introduction

18.45 Dwane Hemmings – Using Web Components in Angular, React, Vue or Not (as I understand it)
An interactive walk-through with examples of how to include Web Components into Angular, React, Vue and Vanilla JavaScript applications.

18.15 Q&A

19:20 Break

19.25 Sam Bellen – No way Jose
Is your first thought when thinking about cryptography, “nope, that’s not for me!”? There’s no need to. When explained with simple examples, you can see the basics are not that complicated. The JavaScript Object Signing and Encryption, or JOSE for short is a framework that helps us deal with encryption. It describes ways to securely transfer data either signed (JWS) or encrypted (JWE). Let’s take a leap of faith and explore the wonderful world of cryptography together, shall we?

20.05 Q&A and closing notes

20.15 End

Times are in GMT

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