Staying Ahead of the Curve with Spring and Cassandra 4

18 Feb

5:00 pm LONDON, london , london, London



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Spring and Cassandra are two of the leading technologies for building cloud native applications. In this talk we’ll cover the recent improvements in the latest and greatest versions of Spring Boot, Spring Data Cassandra, Cassandra 4.0 and the Cassandra Java driver. Whether you’re a novice, intermediate, or expert developer, this content will help you get started or migrate your existing application to the latest innovations. We’ll illustrate these new concepts with code samples and snippets that you can find on GitHub to help you get things done faster with these tools.

Speakers: Cédrick Lunven

Director of Developer Advocacy, DataStax
Cedrick is a Developer Advocate ‍at DataStax, where he is able to share his passions about development ‍and distributed architectures .
With several positions as Developer, Technical Architect or Presales_ and strong background on integration middleware he had multiple opportunities to empower his customers to build cutting-edge distributed applications.

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