Port That .Net Framework Application To .Net5 – Bill Penberthy

17 Feb

7:00 pm Online event



We are delighted to announce our first .Net virtual meetup of 2021 will be taking place on Wednesday 17th February at 7pm! We will be joined by Bill Penberthy, Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services, who will be speaking on ‘Port That .Net Framework Application to .Net5’.

.NET 5 represents a new era within the .NET ecosystem. New development on the .NET Framework has ended, and while it is still a viable application framework, the writing is definitely on the wall as there is no reason that any new development projects would use the v4.x .NET Framework. Instead, they would most likely be on .NET 5 or .NET Core 3.1. This could end up with projects within a company being scattered across various development frameworks as your team manages both current applications and new systems.

In this session we will look at how to port your .NET Framework application. We will use the Porting Assistant for .NET (an open source AWS-created application) to evaluate the level of effort needed to convert the applications as well as work through several of the most common porting issues and concerns.

About the speaker
With over 25 years in software development, Bill brings a pragmatic (curmudgeonly?) approach to software development. With much of that time spent in consulting, William has worked on many different projects and used many different architectural approaches. He recently switched to the dark side and uses his development and architecture experience in a product management role where he acts as a .NET developer advocate to AWS, helping them to build a better and richer .NET developer experience. Bill lives in Seattle, Washington and has spoken internationally, including at NDC this year.

To register for this event, sign-up here: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcpfuysrjkvE9FqH78G3yNnKmPfCOnQkmxJ

We hope you can join us and please get in touch with any questions or suggestions on future virtual meetups!

In addition, if you would like any information on how the market’s currently looking, assisting with finding contract or permanent people for your team or you’re looking for a new role please don’t hesitate to let us know.

See you soon,
Stella, Deepak & Toby

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