Data-Driven A Layered Approach to Progressive Delivery with Dave Karow

04 May

5:00 pm Online event




Join us for the online meetup “Data-Driven A Layered Approach to Progressive Delivery: Build Your Way to Faster, Safer, Smarter Releases” with Dave Karow. This GOTO night is focused on Progresive Delivery and a powerful model for layering higher-value benefits.

Venue/Host: Zoom
Costs: Free of charge
Speaker: Dave Karow


Progressive Delivery is the practice of decoupling deploy from release, allowing changes to be safely pushed all the way to production and verified there before releasing to users. Selectively dialling up and down the exposure of code in production without a new deploy, rollback, or hotfix is the foundation of Progressive Delivery, but the higher-level benefits of safety and fast feedback come from layering practices on top of that.

Whether you are new to Progressive Delivery or are already practicing some aspect of it, you’ll learn/refresh on the basics and then come away with a powerful model for layering higher-value benefits on top of that foundation:

> Decouple Deploy from Release
– Incremental Feature Development
– Testing In Production
– Kill Switch (big red button instead of hotfixes and rollbacks)

> Automate Guardrails/Do No Harm Metrics
– Alert on Exception / Performance (early in rollout)
– “Limit The Blast Radius” (without manual heroics)

> Measure Release Impact
– Boost Team Pride
– Avoid the Feature Factory Trap

> Test To Learn (A/B Testing)
– Taking Bigger Risks Safely
– Learning Faster With Less Waste (painted door experiments, dynamic config)


5:00pm — Welcome to this GOTO Night with Dave Karow
5:05pm — Dave Karow will present his subject of the day
5:30pm — Live Q&A with Dave Karow
5:55pm — Thank you for joining us for this GOTO Night


Dave is an animated and engaging speaker who gets his mojo from discovering and sharing ways to make software delivery a sustainable lifestyle. Dave was lucky enough to be raised just “off campus” from Stanford as Silicon Valley morphed from defense to chips to software and internet services. This, of course, makes him a bit old, but it also gives him a unique perspective on the long arc and repeating themes of technology evolution.

As Continuous Delivery Evangelist at Split Software, Dave focuses on strategies that connect progressive delivery with the observation of system health, user experience and user behavior. Before, he spent 3 years at BlazeMeter democratizing “shift left” performance testing. Dave has given talks at AWS re:Invent and Jenkins World, launched the “JMeter Academy” tutorial series and lead transformation talks for large audiences at major banks, insurance companies, entertainment brands and startups of all stripes. Check out his talks for an upbeat and fast-paced learning experience.

Topic focus: Software Delivery


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