Implementing Event-Driven Systems using DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing – training

02 Mar

9:00 am Online event



Check out the website for more info and to order your ticket—training-march-2021

8 x 2 hours online to learn about key microservices concepts and DDD
About this Event

Learn from developers and software architects in this personalized, instructor-led training for a maximum of 30 participants per training.

The course will be very hands-on, a combination of theory and labs.

The course covers:

DDD and CQRS concepts
Big Picture Event Storming
Designing aggregates, including the complex aggregate structure
Building Sagas
Event Handlers and (Eventual) Consistency
Scaling out – distributed components
Designing Events for distributed environments
Monitoring and message tracing
Replaying Events

Good understanding of the Java language
Developers are expected to bring their own laptops with the IDE of their choice.
Duration: 8×2 hours spread over a two week period (Tuesdays till Fridays)

Methods: theoretical lectures and practical lab exercises

Audience: Java Developers and Software Architects.

Costs: €250,- excl. VAT or equivalent


Let us know via [masked] and we will get back to you asap.

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