Composer 2 / Deploying your first Symfony application to Kubernetes

17 Dec 2020

7:00 pm Online event



Winter’s here and it’s getting cold outside. Grab your blankets, pour yourself a hot mulled wine, and settle in for an evening of wholesome PHP splendidness.

We’re extremely pleased to have Jordi Boggiano joining us for the December 2020 edition of the Symfony UK meetup, giving us insight into the recent major release of one of the most groundbreaking tools to hit the PHP ecosystem.

We also very lucky to have Bastian Hofmann on-board, with an introduction to deploying Symfony applications with Kubernetes (K8s). He’ll make the process of configuring and scaling an application much less scary with “Deploying your first Symfony application to Kubernetes”

Composer 2 and Q&A

Composer has permanently altered the way of PHP development over the last decade. The tool’s second major version comes with new features and many improvements to functionality and performance.

The most important changes will be highlighted in this talk. We’ll show you what you need to know to upgrade your own projects and explain some of the background which lead to version 2.

After the presentation, we’ll get to to spend some time with Jordi, where he’ll answer your burning questions about Composer.

Jordi is the Co-Founder of Packagist and Composer PHP, and is Head of Engineering at Teamup Calendar.

Follow Jordi at

Deploying your first Symfony application to Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a very powerful container orchestration platform that is quickly gaining traction and gives you lots of benefits in deploying, running and scaling your web application. But it has also a steep learning curve. In this talk I will introduce you to Kubernetes and show how you can set up a complete cluster and deploy a Symfony app to it in a few minutes.

Bastian is a field engineer at Rancher Labs; a company specialising in deploying and managing applications with Kubernetes. He recently spoke at the SfDay conference in Italy.

Follow Bastian at

As ever, there are prizes to win. This month we have Jetbrains software licenses, and a book to give away, so RSVP now to be in with a chance of bagging some goodies!

Thanks to WeAreSpinks ( for providing the tech infrastructure for the meetup.

Thanks to Level5 ( for providing raffle prizes for us to give away.

Thanks Stack Overflow Talent ( for organisational support.

Don’t forget to follow us at

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