LJC Unconference 2020

12 Dec 2020

12:00 pm Online event



***This is a placeholder for the event being run on Eventbrite. Get your ticket at: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ljc-unconference-2020-tickets-128603479469?aff=meetup ***

As always the content will be set by you.

Keeping the unconference spirit going virtually and giving everyone the chance to catch up with old friends is complicated. We certainly don’t want to ask you to spend the day glued to a monitor. We’ve all had enough of that already.

Here’s the plan. We’re going to split the day and add some upfront organisation and structure.

The unConf will have multiple rooms and places to meet others just like we normally do. However, since this is a virtual event we can invite speakers from around the world to participate as well as offer a ‘place’ to present or demo interesting stuff. This will make the unConf a little different from last time, but hey – lets get as much benefit from being virtual as we can.

Unfortunately we can’t send you the refreshments that we usually roll out at an unConference. So instead we’re going to send you a small goodie bag with a nice T-Shirt (thanks AdoptOpenJDK) and other small items. For that we will need your T-Shirt shape and size and a mailing address. We promise to only use this information to send you the awesome goodie bag. This offer only applies to UK and Ireland postal addresses! If you’re not in the UK and you’d like a T-Shirt let us know!

Step 1 Sign up and share your ideas: Starting immediately you can sign up for a ticket and we’ll send you instructions for accessing the unconference slack channels. Tell us what you want to hear, chat with others about ideas etc. Take some time to think about others you might want to hear from, demos you’d like to see, maybe even propose a hack garden subject. Content is decided by you so don’t be shy. Send your T-Shirt preferences and mailing address.

Step 2 Make sure you can use the virtual platform before the event: A couple of times between now and the event we’re going to run hands-on sessions to let you all try out the virtual platform. We’ve chosen Zoom so you may already be familiar with it – but even so we’d like you to come to at least one session to make sure you can try out the advanced features we will be using as well as the related tech for chat, voting etc.

Step 3 Vote for your favourites: On Friday 11 December (the day before the event) we’re going to run a short online session where we present you with the hottest topics. You’ll get to vote for your favourites, ask final questions etc. Overnight we’ll organise the results into an agenda for Saturday.

Step 4 Lift off: We start at 12 noon on Saturday 12th Dec and will spend the afternoon into the early evening having fun and learning new things. We’ll wrap up with a final get together.

Join the unConf conversation at our Slack group: https://londonjavacommunity.slack.com/archives/C01E6VCAVAA

Sign up here if you’re not a member: https://bcrw.typeform.com/to/IIyQxd

A huge thanks to AdoptOpenJDK for sponsoring this event.

This event is organised by RecWorks on behalf of the London Java Community.

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