JS Monthly Online #07, Oct Meetup

29 Oct

7:00 pm Online event





19:00 – Event online lounge opens

19:15 – Find Me If You Can: Algolia Search is Easy // Gleb Bahmutov

Having a good text search is the key to successful documentation, especially as the number of pages, examples, code recipes, answers, and other wuser-facing text snippets grows. In this presentation, I will show how to set up the Algolia search index and use it from a static site to make sure your users find _everything_ they are looking for.

20:25- 20:35 break

20:35 – Under-the-hood of type systems (e.g. TypeScript) // Craig Taub

This talk aims to shine a light on some of the fundamentals at work under-the-hood for type systems such as TypeScript or Flow. It is not possible to focus on everything in 1 article so here we will be looking at “type checks” specifically.

Starting with an overview of type systems then building our own compiler which can run type checks and output sensible messages.

A blog post for this video can be found here: https://craigtaub.dev/under-the-hood-of-type-systems

Please give us enough notice if you can’t make it so that other people can take your place.

If you have a talk we’d love to hear from you.

Submit your talk here:(https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdFaatfveOUbrmer47jYb5J4J4ttxAFc1CgTjUDltBXmDOJmg/viewform)

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Early birds only for 120 pounds

A hybrid event

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