E2E testing as it should be / Stream processing: another type of architecture

28 Oct

7:00 pm Online event



Autumn is upon us, and there’s no better time than now to stay indoors and join the next fantastic Symfony UK meetup, from the warmth and comfort of your own living room.

This time we’ve got 2 expert developers covering opposite ends of the web application spectrum, in stream processing and E2E testing.

E2E testing as it should be – Introduction to Cypress

When it comes to testing a UI in automation, some developers are very reluctant. Are these tests slow, flaky, hard to write and maintain?

https://Cypress.io (or Cypress for short) is getting a lot of attention nowadays regarding end-to-end testing. In JavaScript applications in particular, Cypress seems to be gaining more and more popularity. It does many things well and in my opinion it is preferable to selenium-based solutions.

In my session, I would like to introduce Cypress to you and investigate its possibilities by writing a first tests for the website http://symfony.com – so that we can overcome these concerns together.

Ramona is a Quality Assurance Engineer at Shopware. Ramona recently presented at FemTechConf, and will be presenting at Symfony World Online in December.

Follow Ramona at https://twitter.com/leichteckig

Stream processing: another type of architecture

If a product or a company grows after its early stage, it’s not rare that there will be multiple systems or “services” communicating to each other. The two most common ways are by using APIs or batch processing. In this talk, I will show you another way, message streaming. This has great maintenance and decoupling properties if you manage to overcome the consistency, idempotence and ordering challenges, that we will discuss.

Samuel Roze is VP of engineering at BirdieCare, and is a regular speaker at Symfony conferences, as well as being a member of both Symfony and Api-Platform core teams.

Follow Samuel at https://twitter.com/samuelroze

As ever, there are prizes to win. This month we have 2 Jetbrains software licenses, and a book to give away, so RSVP now to be in with a chance of bagging some goodies!

Thanks to WeAreSpinks (https://www.wearespinks.com) for providing the tech infrastructure for the meetup.

Thanks to Level5 (https://www.level5.co.uk/) for providing raffle prizes for us to give away.

Thanks to MyBuilder (https://mybuilder.com) and Stack Overflow Talent (https://stackoverflow.com/talent/) for organisational support.

Don’t forget to follow us at https://twitter.com/symfonyuk

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