Build a chatbot for an Angular Application with Sebastian Witalec

04 Aug

5:00 pm Online event



This is the second in our series of Angular London Online, and we are excited to be welcoming Sebastian to speak on how to “Build a chatbot for an Angular Application”

Chatbots introduce a whole new way for users to interact with your websites. A good chatbot can save your users from long and complicated forms, cut down on support requests, and make your services more approachable.
If you’ve ever wondered how to build a chatbot, then this session is for you. You will:

– Dive into the core concepts of what makes a chatbot.
– Learn how to employ Natural Language Processing to create a conversation flow that feels 100% natural.
– Look at a variety of possible conversations and challenges that go with them.

But more importantly, you will learn how to build a fully functioning chatbot and add it to your Angular app in less than 15 minutes ā€” all without a single IF statement.

If you are interested in giving a talk please get in touch.

A bit about Sebastian
Sebastian Witalec is a Senior Developer Advocate for Progress who specialises in Angular and building chatbots. He loves working on both serious and fun projects and one day he will use his robot army to conquer the world.

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