JS Monthly Online #04, July Meetup

28 Jul

6:00 pm Online event



ONLINE LINK: https://live.remo.co/e/js-monthly-online-04-july-meetup


18:00 – Event online lounge opens

18:15 – Visually building React UIs // YANG ZHANG

Design tools are amazing tools for thought, but for a host of reasons are limited to creating drawings rather than production assets. Engineers must instead re-create surfaces from scratch, by hand, using code. Furthermore, this inevitably leads to discrepancies, back-and-forth with the design team, and ultimately two sources of truth that are never truly in sync.

Plasmic is a tool to build UIs visually, currently in heavy development. It loosely resembles a design tool and aims to give the same sense of speedy iteration, but is for building production-ready presentational component libraries expressed with robust abstractions. The idea is to give developers a better and faster development experience, eliminate an entire class of visual bugs/QA/tooling, and ultimately maintain a single source of truth with design

18:55 – Low-code for Node.js developers // Nick O’Leary

Node-RED is a low-code development tool, that lets you quickly build applications by dragging components into a workspace and wiring them together to represent the logical flow of events. It can be an invaluable tool for developers of any experience and can be, for Node.js developers in particular, quick and easy to extend. This talk looks at what low-code development is, why it’s interesting for Node.js developers and cover some design principles for making good Node-RED nodes.

19:25- 19:35 break

19:35 – TBC

Please give us enough notice if you can’t make it so that other people can take your place.

If you have a talk we’d love to hear from you.

Submit your talk here:(https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdFaatfveOUbrmer47jYb5J4J4ttxAFc1CgTjUDltBXmDOJmg/viewform)

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// Conferences

CityJS Conference (14 Sep 2020) http://CityJSConf.org

Regent Street Cinema – Hurry up only a few tickets left!

11 international speakers and 3 workshops!

Covering all the cool subjects such as React, Vue, NodeJS, IoT, Testing, TypeScript.

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