PHP London July 2020

02 Jul

6:00 pm Online event



Venue: Zoom

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6:00-6:30 – Welcome, group announcements & chat
6:35 – Talk:

Talk: Implementing reliable PHP-based microservices

Using a microservice architecture is totally possible using PHP. PHP has improved as a language and also as an ecosystem. Let’s understand some new concepts and technologies that help us to create well-developed and reliable services.

Other Information

Private Notes: This talk will cover concepts like DDD, Clean Architecture, Command Handler pattern and also the usage of Swoole as the http server, so no NGINX is needed for our microservice architecture.

What to learn: a microservice must be thin, and it needs to have a defined goal. Implementing those patterns at microservice level brings flexibility and focus on the service’s responsibility. PHP is a perfect language, with a perfect ecosystem for them, making them reliable and ready for focusing on just solving the problems.

Speaker: Junior Grossi

Hailing originally from Brazil, Junior is a Software Engineer with 15+ years of experience in PHP. Currently living in Ireland with family, he’s a stutterer conference speaker, passionate about code quality, tests and legacy code.

He’s also the creator of Corcel PHP, (for trading elePHPants) and former PHPMG organizer. Team Lead at Glofox, and remote worker


Explore Group ( – The Explore Group has been helping companies recruit top talent in the ever-evolving world of technology since 2005. We’ve adapted alongside the changing IT market to become increasingly specialist enabling us to support our customers on their journey through the new digital economy.

We will have 2 licences from JetBrains ( for any of their products to raffle.

Want to speak at PHP London?

We are always looking for speakers for our monthly meetups. If you would like to give a talk this year please fill out the form at the link below.

PHP London operates a code of conduct to ensure that all attendees are able to enjoy our events. We encourage all attendees to read the Code of Conduct ( before attending a PHP London event.

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