Santander Digital Trust Hackathon

19 Dec 2020

8:30 am Wallacespace Spitalfields, 15 Artillery Lane, London



This event is postponed in autumn/winter, new dates will be communicated soon

Build on Santander’s Digital Trust APIs

Santander is on a mission to leverage the power of its APIs to develop cutting-edge digital trust solutions for its customers during this 24-hour hack!

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To achieve this goal, Santander is calling on developers, fintech experts, data scientists, and digital trust/identity experts to join its internal teams to collaborate and create powerful products that support privacy, protect data, and help individuals and businesses prosper.

To support the development of your solution, you’ll gain access to:

Santander’s Open Banking API Sandbox
The identify API allows you to retrieve basic data for authenticated Santander Labs customers (both physical or business customers).
CSV files with anonymised customer data.
Plaid API (tech partner)
Plaid’s API allows end-users to build the future of financial services.


Challenge 1: Verifying Identity

At the customer’s request, the bank confirms the client’s name and other basic identifying information

Challenge 2: Verifying Authority

At the customer’s request, the bank confirms the individual’s authority to act on behalf of another entity or individual.

This person is the CFO of company x.
They have the authority to open accounts.
This person can sign legal agreements on behalf of organization y.
This person really works in the call center for the company z.
This person really is in accounts receivable for company xyz and that really is their wire instructions.
Challenge 3: Validating Information

At the customer’s request, the bank shares and confirms extensive amounts of information.

For example, a customer applying for a car loan with a different entity might ask their primary bank to share detailed information. This prevents data loss and increases confidence for the new loan originator.

Challenge 4: Sharing Summary Facts

At the customer’s request, the bank shares summary facts without disclosing private data. For example, this person is old enough to buy alcohol – but the date of birth will not be disclosed.

🏆Prize pool: £11,000

First place – £8K | Second place – £2K | Third place – £1K

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