Validating Terraform plans with Open Policy Agent & Better Software Faster

17 Sep

7:00 pm CarePay International, Paasheuvelweg 25, Amsterdam



* 18:15 Door opens
* 18:30 Food arrives 🍕🍻 (Sponsored by CarePay)
* 19:00 Talk starts
* “Validating Terraform plans with the Open Policy Agent” – by Lennard Eijsackers
* 19:45 short break
* 20:00 “Better software, faster: principles of Continuous Delivery and DevOps” – by Bert Jan Schrijver

Info about talks

TALK 1: Validating Terraform plans with the Open Policy Agent

Teams in a DevOps organisation should be free to setup and manage the infrastructure for their services. One way to enable your teams is by allowing them to use Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools to allow teams to declaratively define their infrastructure needs. Terraform for example is a great IaC tool. However, from a compliance and security perspective, you want to place certain guardrails in place. You want to ensure teams still follow all best practices. In this session I will introduce the Open Policy Agent and show how you can leverage it to validate Terraform plans. Exited, read this sneak preview blog:

About the speaker
Lennard Eijsackers is a Platform Engineer at CarePay, where he is involved in building the core infrastructure for the CarePay platform and the Data Lake. He is a huge open source fanatic and loves to work with the latest and greatest in the tech scene. Lennard can be found on StackOverflow and Github as Blokje5 and on Twitter under the handle @LennardNL.

TALK 2: Better software, faster: principles of Continuous Delivery and DevOps

The Wall Street Journal already mentioned it in 2011: “Software is eating the world”. Nowadays, every company is an IT company. Product owners and other business representatives seeing their competitors release new features to end users every day are demanding the same from their own software teams. How do you measure up to this heavy pressure as an IT organization? How do you quickly make changes to software systems in fast-paced environments without losing your grip on quality? How do you build and test software in such a way that it’s always in a releasable state? This session explains the principles of continuous delivery and DevOps. You’ll leave with enough insights into how and where to get started yourself.

About the speaker
Bert Jan is CTO at OpenValue and focuses on Java, Continuous Delivery and DevOps. Bert Jan is a Java Champion, JavaOne Rock Star speaker, Duke’s Choice Award winner and leads NLJUG, the Dutch Java User Group. He loves to share his experience by speaking at conferences, writing for the Dutch Java magazine and helping out Devoxx4Kids with teaching kids how to code. Bert Jan is easily reachable on Twitter at @bjschrijver.

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