Why I’m Building my Next App in Flutter

25 Jul

6:30 pm CodeNode, 10 South Pl, London



***Tickets via Skills Matter only http://bit.ly/2W55W0L Admission ONLY with Skills Matter Tickets***

Have you ever wanted to create a mobile app and release it both for Android and iOS? Find out why you’ll want to do using Google’s Flutter. Flutter is fast, responsive, and a joy to develop in. During this talk, you’ll learn the fundamentals of mobile development with Flutter, what exactly makes it so powerful, and why it’s the cross-platform solution we’ve all been waiting for!

Who is this talk for?

If you’re curious about mobile development, or if you want to know how Google makes their own apps these days, or if you want want to make both an Android and iOS app then this is the event for you!.

Your Speaker – Dr Angela Yu

I’m Angela, I’m a mobile and web developer fluent in Swift, Dart, Objective-C and Javascript. I’m the lead Flutter and iOS instructor at the London App Brewery where we’ve taught over 550 students in-person at our London classroom and over 150,000 students online. My first foray into programming was when I was just 12 years old, wanting to build my own video games. Since then, I’ve made over 70 apps and some awesome games.

Follow Angela on Twitter @yu_angela (twitter.com/yu_angela).


6:30pm: Doors Open & Ticket Verification
7:00pm: Main Event
7:45pm: Question and Answer
8:00pm: End of Seminar

How to Find the Venue

The event will take place inside Skills Matter’s offices. Please allow for some time to sign in with the building security team on arrival. The address is: CodeNode, 10 South Pl, Finsbury, London EC2M 7EB and the closest tubes are Liverpool and Moorgate station.

Register here: http://bit.ly/2W55W0L

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