Coding Your Way to Java 12 & Reactive I/O: The Key To Absolute Reactivity

28 Mar

6:15 pm Picnic HQ, Van Marwijk Kooystraat 15, Amsterdam



* 18:15 Door opens
* 18:30 Food arrives 🍕🍻 (Sponsored by Picnic)
* 19:00 Talk starts
* Coding Your Way to Java 12 by Sander Mak
* 19:45 short break
* 20:00 Reactive I/O: The Key To Absolute Reactivity by Phil Leonard

Info about Talks

“Coding Your Way to Java 12” by Sander Mak

It seems like keeping up to date with Java nowadays is an enormous task. Gone is the era of big, delayed Java releases that span years. We’re now getting a new major release every six months. What’s up with that? You’re probably still developing on Java 8, even though Java 12 is already available.
Join this session to get a code-first overview of what’s new in Java since Java 8. We’ll give an overview of the module system (Java 9), the local-variable type inference feature (Java 10), the new HttpClient API (Java 11) and a sneak peek of Switch Expressions in Java 12. Expect lots of advice on what to expect when migrating beyond Java 8. It’s time to embrace the newfound agility of the Java platform!

About Sander Mak
Sander is a Fellow at Luminis in The Netherlands, where he crafts modular and scalable software, most often on the JVM, but with a touch of TypeScript when needed. He also is a Java Champion and author of the O’Reilly book ‘Java 9 Modularity’ (see As an avid conference speaker, Sander loves sharing knowledge, also through his blog at and as Pluralsight instructor.

Reactive I/O: The Key To Absolute Reactivity by Phil Leonard

Reactive programming frameworks for the JVM are plentiful with RxJava, Reactor, Vert.X and Akka to name the kingpins. But what is a reactive application good for if your I/O sources and sinks are blocking? Luckily, recent developments have lead to a number of reactive drivers, frameworks and protocols spouting out of the ground.
In this talk Phil will forge a truly reactive Java application in front of your very own eyes. He will make use of reactive database access with the Mongo Reactive Streams driver, reactive REST with Spring WebFlux and even dive into a brand new tailor-made reactive transport protocol: RSocket. There has been no better time than now to pickup the reactive mindset – support is rich and plentiful!

About Phil Leonard
Phil has been an evangelist for reactive programming since he picked up RxJava almost 4 years ago. Since then he has been overjoyed to see wide adoption of reactive programming principles in the Java ecosystem, making it an ever more plausible technology. In his Day-to-day life Phil is busy implementing reactive systems as a backend developer at Picnic.

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