Utrecht JUG 3rd anniversary meetup with Java Champion James Strachan

08 Apr

5:30 pm Pathé Utrecht Leidsche Rijn, Berlijnplein 100, Utrecht



April 2019 we celebrate our 3rd anniversary and guess what…we will rock the city once again! Our toolbox for making this happen involves the following buzzwords: James Strachan, Pathe Leidsche Rijn, Capgemini, delicious food, great surprises and of course…Utrecht Java User Group!


17:30 Doors open
18:00 Buffet
18:40 Drive innovation on Java platform by Jade Eloff
19:00 Accelerate your Continuous Integration and Delivery with Kubernetes and Jenkins X by James Strachan
20.00 Break
20:15 Let’s go Serverless with Kubernetes by James Strachan
21:15 Drinks


10 TEQNation tickets
2 DevoxxUK tickets
1 JetBrains License
Many free tickets for Mendix World 2019 conference
Many more!


About the talks

Drive innovation on Java platform
There has been a big shift in custom software development – where environment provisioning, infrastructure as code, containers and microservices and CICD has fundamentally changed the way we build, test and deploy applications.
Technological progress and the increasing number of viable use cases for AI, IOT, Distributed Ledger and AR/VR technologies means that the innovation horizon has dramatically broadened.
This talk will showcase the Java platform used by Capgemini to drive innovation.

Accelerate your Continuous Integration and Delivery with Kubernetes and Jenkins X
Times are changing! We all need to get better at delivering business value to customers faster and continuously with a cloud-native strategy – but how? This talk will show you how.

Let’s go Serverless with Kubernetes
Serverless is the talk of the town at the moment. This talk will describe the Knative open source project which brings serverless to the Kubernetes ecosystem and shows how you can create, edit, deploy and promote serverless applications using Jenkins X for your CI/CD

About James
James Strachan is a Java Champion working as a Distinguished Engineer at CloudBees. He’s currently working on Jenkins X (http://www.jenkins.io/projects/jenkins-x) to help developers automate their CI/CD for cloud-native applications and help them go faster.
He also created Apache Groovy language & Apache Camel.

About Jade
Jade Eloff is a Solution Architect with 16 years experience, mainly in the Financial services sector. He has extensive experience consulting to and delivering architectures and bespoke solutions for Financial services clients. Jade has deep Retail, Commercial and Investment Banking experience. He has managed teams throughout the design, implementation and support phases of numerous projects.

About the location
Pathé Utrecht Leidsche Rijn website: https://www.pathe.nl/bioscoop/utrechtleidscherijn

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