Hexagonal Architecture & Symfony on AWS Lambda

27 Feb

6:00 pm Code Node, 10 South Place, London, EC2M 7EB, London




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• 6:00pm – 6:30pm – informal chat & drinks
• 6:30m – 6:40pm – announcements & raffle of two jetbrains licenses
• 6:40pm – 7:25pm – Hexagonal Architecture – framework is just a detail by Marko Kunic
• 7:30pm – 8:15 – Running Symfony on AWS Lambda by Neal Brooks
• 8:15 till late – more chats & further socialising


Big thanks to our sponsors!

• MyBuilder for drinks.
• SkillsMatter for the amazing venue.
• JetBrains for their product licenses.


Hexagonal Architecture – framework is just a detail

There are many architectures you can choose from when building an application. Every developer should at least be aware of the Hexagonal Architecture, which allows your application to be technology agnostic. In this talk, I will explain how Hexagonal Architecture works, followed by some diagrams and code examples. I will express my opinion about some parts of that architecture, go over some cases where I was really glad I used it and hopefully, after this talk you will be able to start using it in your future projects.

Marko Kunic (https://twitter.com/kunicmarko20) has been working professionally with PHP for several years. Marko is currently a Software Engineer at Lendable, he enjoys doing open source and making other developers job easier, loves helping people, learning new things and reading software books.


Running Symfony on AWS Lambda

Ever find yourself deploying your Symfony app to your EC2 boxes and wondering if you’re using your resources wisely? You’re almost certainly paying for CPU time you’re not using, and scaling PHP applications on AWS can be tricky.

Wouldn’t it be great to pay only for the stuff you actually use, and if your site could scale instantly without needing to configure auto-scaling-groups, alarms, and rules? AWS Lambda gives us these features but has no native PHP support.

With emerging tools a lot of the pain of getting running has been fixed for you; the hacks and workarounds are no longer necessary and we can finally deploy PHP applications on top of FaaS infrastructure.

Today we’ll go through the steps required to set up a real Symfony 4 service running on Lambda, served over HTTPS, and without launching a single EC2 instance or ELB.

Finally we’ll see if we can retro-fit to older Symfony applications, and think about how we might benchmark application performance.

Neal Brooks writes code for MyBuilder. As a result of an inability to say ‘no’, he is constantly over-subscribed with work, projects, courses, and hobbies.


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