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27 Feb

5:30 pm ING Bank, Bijlmerplein 880, Amsterdam



Dear members of the Amsterdam Web Component Meetup,

UPDATE: The speakers and their stories are now added!

We have been waiting. Ever since the Polymer Summit in Copenhagen (two years ago!) showed us the end of Polymer and the beginning of lit-html.🔥 That’s when we were promised a solution. Finally, a first release candidate for lit-html was elected. I’m sure you’re not surprised that lit-html is the topic of this session.

This time we will come together in the headquarters of ING. Not sure how many will join, we have options for the actual space. More information on the venue will come later.
Please sign up as soon as possible.

We will start with a dinner, and end with drinks. In between we will have two presentations. We’re hoping to invite Goffert van Gool (Flock.se) and Thomas Allmer (ING) to the stage. More information on their talks will be posted soon!

• 17:30 Doors open, dinner starts
• 18:30 Introduction
• 18:45 Speakers
• 20:30 Discussion and drinks
• 21:30 End

As you might know, we usually aim for two speakers per meetup. And the two speakers for this event, will kick-off this year right!

Understanding Lit-HTML by Goffert van Gool – Flock.
Lit-html is a next generation DOM rendering engine that leverages new JavaScript features to efficiently render HTML. The rendering algorithm is very different from traditional VirtualDOM engines, and understanding the concepts behind lit-html can be essential for developers. Learn the fundamentals of lit-html straight from one of the core contributors.

A Web Components Workflow by Thomas Allmer – ING
If you want to integrate web components within a production frontend application then your components should be on production level as well. So what is needed to make it? How can you get the confidence that your components are of high quality? We will explore everything that brings you closer to this goal by using various tools, conventions and helpers. Let’s make those web components production ready!

Please tell us?
We would like to cater for your needs. Tell us your dietary preferences.
If you have other wishes or tips/ideas, feel free.
While signing up, please inform us wether or not you’re working for ING. It allows us to optimise security and entering the building.

It’s about time that we meet up!

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Inviting for a beer
See you there!

Thank you for RSVPing. Please, keep culture high and remove RSVP once you now you can not make it.

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