FullStackJS Berlin v0.7.0

28 Feb

7:00 pm Akelius GmbH, Erkelenzdamm 11-13, Berlin



It’s time for another FullStackJS in Berlin!
Once again we’ll see another Berlin office space, this time it’s at Akelius in Kreuzberg.

We will have 3 scheduled speakers (listed below) and then an open the mic up for lightning talks (as usual ^^). Get your notes and slides ready!

(talk details will be updated as they come in)


18:30 gathering and socializing
19:00 beginning with talks
20:15? beginning with lightning talks (5-10 mins each)
afterwards more socializing


☝️ “Typescript can do that?!” by Stefan Reichel (@bomret)

TypeScript is a language that can be introduced into a project at any stage and provides a lot of bang for the buck. In this talk I want to show you how to gently introduce it and build upon that foundation. I also want to go into some not so well knwon and/or advanced features like Conditional Types. I will ask the audience at variuous stages about their knowledge and adapt the talk accordingly.

✨ About Stefan: I work as a Development Lead at Akelius and am a polyglot developer with a passion for asynchrony, distributed systems, functional programming and electric guitars.

Twitter: @bomret


️☝️ “Do not ask what you can do for the compiler, ask what the compiler can do for you!” … or “Typescript can’t do that :-(” by Simon Leo Hafner (@reactormonk)

Whenever I ask someone if they like to work with type systems, they usually say “no”. The next questions is usually “is your experience with type systems Java?“, and the answer tends to be “yes”.
So I can’t blame them for their dislike, a type system which only tells you what you did wrong without helping you in any way is demotivating.

I this talk, I wanna show you what type systems can do for you (besides nice error messages like Elm). The examples will be of JSON encoding / decoding, folding/reducing, and a mystery topic or two – depending on what I come up with. And because I’m a dirty one-upper, I’ll also show conditional types.

About Simon: I’m a backend developer with a bit of frontend experience,
currently working at Zalando. FP and type systems are one of my interests, besides that, I organize workshops for said topics and play boardgames.

Twitter: @reactormonk

fyi: Speak my language, %app%!” by Sergey Fetiskin (had to be cancelled)

Lightning Talks:

☝️ “Practical Authentication in a Serverless World” by Andreas Grimm (@_andreasgrimm)

After a short recap of some auth fundamentals, you’ll see how to efficiently access JWT-protected APIs with Azure Functions without compromising security and efficiency – using the secrets management system Azure Key Vault and Azure Managed Identities.

✨ Andreas is an expert in Identity & Access Management and a proponent of serverless/serviceful architectures.
Being aware of the fact that having a shared understanding with the business is even more important than technical solutions, he’s into aproaches like Domain Driven Design, EventStorming, CQRS and EventSourcing.
He’s from the community for the community and organizes also other meetup groups in Berlin like @DDDBER.

Twitter: @_andreasgrimm
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andreas-grimm-242017170/


– “[TBD]” by [you?]


Food & Beverages:

Food (also vegan and vegitarian) and drinks supplied by our sponsor, Akelius.

Code of Conduct:

As creative, intellectual adults we expect a welcoming and respectful behavior at the event. In order to learn more details please check out the Berlin Code of Conduct (http://berlincodeofconduct.org/) which we follow and support.

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