SMART TECHNOLOGY – Creating the Future

19 Feb

6:30 pm De Nieuwe Poort, Claude Debussylaan 2-8, Amsterdam



On Tuesday February 19th it’s all about Smart technology.

18:30 Doors open + free burgers
19:00 Bas Boom – The Netherlands in Colorized Point Clouds
19:45 Break
20:00 Pim Rutgers – Urbanization, the need for healthy sustainable buildings
20:45: End + drinks

💬1: The Netherlands in Colorized Point Clouds
CycloMedia brings the added benefit of the opportunity to capture LiDAR data simultaneously while capturing our GeoCyclorama™ imagery. By this coincident capture method, we ensure the highest levels of both quality and accuracy. We further enhance the LiDAR data by processing it with our proprietary CycloPositioner software to increase its positional accuracy and perfect alignment in 3D space with our imagery. Given precise imagery co-referencing, we are able to extract the RGB values to produce a photo realistic “colorized point cloud”. Customers opting for LiDAR data collection will be able to use CycloMedia’s new Measure Smart ™ tool which takes advantage of a “depth” GeoCyclorama layer produced from the point cloud, and affords users a new measurement tool to achieve significant efficiencies in workflow. One example is the installation and planning of the solar panels on roofs and the second example is the creation of smart pointcloud allowing us to create inventory of the vegetation in a municipality.

About Bas Boom
Bas Boom graduated at the Free University of Amsterdam in Computer Science in 2005. He received his PhD at the University of Twente (2010) in Electrical Engineering, where his thesis was entitled “Face recognition’s grand challenge: uncontrolled conditions under control”. From 2011 until 2015 he worked as postdoc at University of Edinburgh on the “Fish4Knowledge” project. His main research is machine learning and computer vision on large scale image and video datasets using supercomputing facilities. He is author and co-author of over 30 scientific publications in journals and international conferences and organized 2 special issues and 2 scientific workshops. Currently within Cyclomedia, he is the expert on computer vision and machine learning, where he created algorithms for automatic blurring of license plates and faces, for traffic sign recognition and building detection from aerial images.

💬2: Urbanization, the need for healthy sustainable buildings
Transforming the build environment with SmartWindows, power and data generating glass. Due to urbanization and ongoing city growth, the need for healthy sustainable buildings is bigger than ever. We need to find a modular stand-alone solution to reduce energy consumption while optimizing the internal climate. Generating and using power locally while using data to optimize cooling and heating is the future. As cities become smarter, so must our grid and our power usage.

About Pim Rutgers
Pim Rutgers is head of the Development department at PHYSEE. He is responsible for all hardware and software development, ranging from implementing custom designed maximum power point tracking electronics to developing the that showcases all data generated by PHYSEE clients. With his deep technical knowledge and creative vision he has already launched several successful projects within PHYSEE.

🅿️ Parking
We are located next to Station Amsterdam South which is easy to reach by public transport. If you come by car there are cheap parking options close to the meetup location. In the streets after “De Boelenlaan” (5/10 minute walk) you can park for €1,40 per hour between 08:00 – 19:00. After 19:00 it’s for free.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comment section below.

See you then!

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