Node.js Meetup #33 (free pizza and refreshments)

26 Feb

6:45 pm Contentful GmbH, Ritterstraße 12 - 14, Berlin



Talk #1: A developer’s take on security
This talk is not the usual hacking demo. It’s about secure build and deployment pipelines for Node.js, efficient dependency vulnerability management and the daily struggle of a security-aware developer. It features the new npm audit command and a possible future for its use to make security part of your CI pipeline.

Potential Lightning talk to be confirmed: Improve your memory in order to build features faster 🙂

Talk #2: Error handling: doing it right!
A node.js collaborator’s journey into the asynchronous debugging horrors, how to avoid them and what patterns can be used to ease the life of each developer debugging applications. We all have run into issues debugging JavaScript. Knowing what went wrong due to missing stack traces in asynchronous contexts and finding the actual issue takes way too long. Following best practices in error handling reduces debugging time and improves the code base a lot!

JOBS NOTICE: If you’re looking for an exciting new tech job or you’re looking to hire great devs, please use ( It’s a 100% dev-run agency and they help us keep the meetups about code only. Register in under half a minute!

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