Node.js Meetup #33 (free pizza and refreshments)

26 Feb

6:45 pm Contentful GmbH, Ritterstraße 12 - 14, Berlin



Talk #1: A developer’s take on security
This talk is not the usual hacking demo. It’s about secure build and deployment pipelines for Node.js, efficient dependency vulnerability management and the daily struggle of a security-aware developer. It features the new npm audit command and a possible future for its use to make security part of your CI pipeline.

Talk #2: Deploy Node.js Apps on IoT
Do you want to deploy IoT apps or build IoT products ? Are you an IoT developer or entrepreneur ? In this presentation Matthias Schmitz will give a talk about Linux and IoT, how IoT products are built, with a demo on how to deploy your Node.js Apps on your Raspberry Pis, or any other Linux supported board. In 10 mins, deploy a Node.js App and start discovering IoT world from a Node.js developer perspective.

JOBS NOTICE: If you’re looking for an exciting new tech job or you’re looking to hire great devs, please use ( It’s a 100% dev-run agency and they help us keep the meetups about code only. Register in under half a minute!

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