Frontend Love Roadtrip Meetup: PWA’s, RxJS and Asynchronous Javascript Functions

16 Jan

6:30 pm Youwe, Aert van Nesstraat 45, Rotterdam



🎉🚗 Frontend Love Roadtrip Meetup: PWA’s, RxJS and Asynchronous Javascript Functions 🚗🎉

13, 14 & 15th February 2019 – Frontend Love Conference will take place!

To share our love and excitement for Frontend Development we are organising a Frontend Love Roadtrip in the Netherlands.

Frontend Love Meetup Roadtrip
16 January 2019 – Frontend Love Meetup Rotterdam
17 January 2019 – Frontend Love Meetup Amsterdam

🎉🚗 Happy Frontend New Year 💻 Roadtrip Rotterdam Edition 🚗🎉

18:00 – doors open with Drinks, snacks and some beers.
18:45 – Kick off by Host & Frontend Love

19:00 – #1 talk – Elze Kool – Starting with Progressive Web Apps
19:30 – #2 talk – Harijs Deksnis – Awesome RxJS
20:00 – #3 talk – Elmer Bulthuis – asynchronous function javascript
20:30 – NewYears Drinks & Q&A | mingle with the speakers & attendees whilst enjoying drinks.
22:00 – Ending

Aert van Nesstraat 45 (7th floor), 3012 CA Rotterdam
Google Maps:

Bus & Metro Station – Beurs

#1 Talk Elze Kool
Starting with Progressive Web Apps

The term PWA or Progressive Web Apps is currently all over the web. In this talk the concepts of PWA will be explained. An introduction will be given on how you can start developing a PWA. In addition, the most common pitfalls will be discussed.

Progressive Web Apps are mostly in the playing field of frontend developers. However, this talk is relevant for both frontend as well as backend developers. Examples presented are in Javascript, but developers of other languages should have no problem understanding the code.

After the talk you should have enough information to start developing your own PWA. Of course time is allocated to address any questions you might have and to discuss actual implementations and share experiences of PWA’s that you are developing. Thus, the talk will be interesting for beginners as well as more advanced PWA developers.

Definition of Progressive Web App
When is your site a Progressive Web App? What advantages are there and when will you use PWA? And how can you test compatibility?

Server workers, offline usability and push notifications
What are service workers and how do they relate to offline access and push notifications?

Building your first app with React
Build your first Progressive Web App with React. Rendering, routing and more.

Handling state with Redux
Organize changes in state with Redux and how to correctly implement async changes.

Common pitfalls
Device/browser specific issues, SEO, Server side rendering

Elze Kool is lead software architect at Youwe. He helps developers learn about modern technologies such as Progressive Web Applications and Machine Learning. Elze has over 10 years of experience regarding web related projects.

❤️ Frontend Developer Love – 13, 14 & 15 February 2019 ❤️
Would you like to enjoy all the topics brought to you by Frontend Professionals during our conference? At the moment with tickets at only €629 for 3-days.

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