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11 Dec 2018




The final event of 2018 is here!

This month we have Londroid sponsored by Badoo where we get together for a couple of talks, food and drink, and a chance to network and socialize with fellow engineers.

Tickets 🎟
IMPORTANT REGISTRATION INFORMATION: You will need to register on Eventbrite to gain entrance to this FREE event. Registration will open on the 4 December & the link will be found HERE:

Raffle 🏆
Tweet us @Londroid on the night and you will go into a raffle draw to win an Android Things kit.

Code of Conduct 🙂
Londroid events are dedicated to providing inclusive & safe experiences for everyone. Before attending please read our code of conduct (

📝Evening schedule 📝

6:30 Open for arrival
6:50 Welcome to Londroid
7:00 Talk one
7:30 Q&A
7:40 Talk two
8:10 Q&A
8:20 Raffle
8:20 Social, food and drinks @


Talk one: Mastering the Images Spectrum

How do I make uploads faster? How do I avoid crashing on large images? How do I keep images looking great? Should I use jpeg and what are my alternatives? How do image formats actually work? And are there better ways than using the Android APIs? Are there principles I should follow?

Image processing on Android is challenging. Especially in creation flows where there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. At Facebook we’ve also failed hard. And we’ve learned a lot while building a library that makes image processing efficient, reliable and sane.

A few weeks ago we have open-sourced Spectrum: a mobile, cross-platform image transcoding library ( We want to share why we have developed it and how you can benefit from using it. Along the way we will cover details on existing image formats and provide a brief glance at exciting, upcoming formats.

Speaker Hugo Cuvillier: Hugo is a cross platform infrastructure engineer currently focusing on building great and efficient image experiences at Facebook with a passion for software design & architecture.

Speaker Daniel Hugenroth: Daniel is an Android and image infrastructure engineer at Facebook where he writes code that processes billions of images per day on mobile devices. He’s also active in the image sub-group of the Alliance for Open Media (AOM) that is working on the next-gen image format. And he finds writing about himself in third-person amusingly weird.


Talk two: badoo.problems.take(7).map { solve(it) }

At Badoo, we have a long history when it comes to Android development. Since the beginning, the product has experienced huge growth, and our codebase and our team have grown with it. We now have over 400 million registrations, as well as several new apps to support. In this talk we’ll go on an architectural journey and discuss some of the major problems we needed to find solutions for in the last few years, before ending on what is ahead of us.

Speaker: Zsolt

Zsolt is an Android engineer at Badoo with a passion for clean and elegant code. He’s currently focused on the architecture of self-contained components shared between the many apps of the Badoo group.

Twitter: @ZsoltKocsi


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Thank you Badoo.

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