A simple Bid Recommendation Engine using FParsec and CodeDom with Mariusz Wojcik

08 Jan

6:30 pm Skills Matter at CodeNode, 10 South Place, EC2M 7EB, London



Please also sign up with our hosts, Skills Matter: https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/11873-f-sharpunctional-londoners

Ever wondered how to parse formulas entered by the user, such as the ones you can find in Excel? Parser combinators to the rescue! In this session I will share my journey through building a simple bid recommendation engine which uses FParsec – an F# parser combinator library which makes such a task a breeze, and CodeDom – a code provider which allows us to generate source code as well as compiled assemblies.

You can read more on FParsec here:

and Parser combinators:

and CodeDom Provider:

Mariusz is an experienced developer on the Microsoft stack since before the dawn of the .NET Framework with a passion for programming patterns, distributed computing, machine learning algorithms and recently, functional programming and F# especially. Aspiring presenter. Book lover.

Welendus (https://welendus.com/) will kindly be sponsoring pizzas at the meetup, and the CodeNode bar will be open.

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