JS Monthly #57, Dec Meetup

12 Dec 2018

7:00 pm Onfido, 3 Finsbury Ave, , London



This event will be kindly hosted by Onfido.


18:00 – Doors open. Pizza and drinks are served

19:00 – Painless javascript testing \ Deividas Karžinauskas

Testing frontend applications is non trivial, because there are multiple ways to do this and the best one is not always clear. I will start by talking about my general approach to testing frontend applications and will follow by talking about why and how we use Jest (unit and integration), Cypress (integration and end-to-end) and Chromatic (visual regression) to be confident about our code at Nested.

19:45 – Building High Performing APP’s for Multiple Devices in JavaScript // Andrea Ceran

At DAZN we are building a sport subscription app with over 8000 live events accessible in selected countries. The app is built of multiple SPA’s, using React & Mobx and microservice API’s using Node.js. One of the biggest challenges is to have the application customised and optimised for multiple devices.

Please give us enough notice if you can’t make it so that other people can take your place.

If you have a talk we’d love to hear from you.

Submit your talk here:(https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdFaatfveOUbrmer47jYb5J4J4ttxAFc1CgTjUDltBXmDOJmg/viewform)

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